Robbie Melville

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cleverhorse is a five piece ensemble who cite influences from ambient to avant garde, funk to folk, jazz to jam band and world music. Led by composer/guitarist Robbie Melville, the band also comprises Monty Mackenzie on alto saxophone, Gideon Brazil on tenor saxophone, Zoe Frater on electric bass and Dan Macdonald on drums.

Since their formation in 2004, they have undertaken a tour of the east coast of Australia, performed at numerous Melbourne venues, released their debut album, Goodnight, Mr. Monster and continued to develop and experiment musically as a group.

cleverhorse's second album 50:fifty was released on Melbourne's Jazzhead label in February 2016. 50:fifty represents a culmination of their shared vision, featuring a juxtaposition of heavily structured arrangements with free spirited extemporization, informed in equal measure by contemporary jazz and Norwegian folk, the density of Shanghai city, and the sparse and playful writings of Richard Brautigan. The result is a body of work that contrasts the melodic and cinematic with the frenetic and quirky, on an album that shuns conventions of jazz and improvised music.

“They have given a lot of thought to an overall sound, to an attractive surface, to listenability as well as creativity or simply ‘getting it on’… It was seductive and euphoric…They are onto something. They are undoubtedly creative…A band to be watched”. (John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald, 27th Feb 2004).

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Antelodic is an instrumental trio formed in 2012 by members of Melbourne contemporary jazz ensemble cleverhorse. Led by Robbie Melville, the ensemble features the unique combination of guitar with two saxophones - Gideon Brazil on tenor and Monty Mackenzie on alto. Beginning as an experiment in which the saxophones worked as a rhythm section whilst the guitar became the melodic voice, the music of Antelodic was developed following the birth of Melville’s second daughter. The trio's early experimentation with various compositional styles and arranging techniques have led to the development of a unique sound that spans chamber jazz and contemporary classical.

The music of Antelodic draws equally on the jazz aesthetic of Jimmy Giuffre, the singer-songwriter tradition of Joni Mitchell, the deep soul of Krystle Warren, the atmospheric impressionism of Debussy, the folk stylings of Lau and the experimental sonic journeys of Bill Frisell. Gentle, optimistic, lyrical and engaging.

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